Sunday, March 30, 2008

Busy week

We had a busy week.
Paul is a year older !... and we celebrated this fact with some friends. Eszterke flew home from Melbourne, Janos and Rachel come down from Hobart and our dear friends gathered to share some "mici"s barbied on the new jazzy outdoor fireplace and -of course- to sample some more Chardy, Pinot and Tiger Blood :-))
He was welding, grinding, mixing mortar and juggling stones the week before to finish the BBQ in time for the party.
Here it is:

The young Gewurztraminers had some fruit on. We didn't net them this year thinking the work and expenses not warranted yet but Paul seeing the feathered enemy taking his precious cargo beak-by-beak, tested the remaining ones and concluded that a few bottles in the cellar is a better place for them than the enemy's belly ! So it happened that we went out picking late afternoon on Friday...1 bucket picked, 2 bucket picked...jeezzz...we had more than we thought! Finished by candle light going after the SMELL :-))))

It's bubbling away in the carboy...
Both of us been stung while picking :-(((
Enemy No.2 are out by force this year!
These nasty black-and-yellow-jackets eating our crop drop-by-drop! If you think that that is surly not much loss you should see the NUMBER of these rascals! Zillions of them! But they won't outsmart Auntie Kato. NO SIR!
Quick phone call to Ag Department yielded advise to put out minced meat bites, wait until they start taking it, call again for poison to go into get the picture. Haa...ha-ha-ha... (this is a sarcastic laugh! I just don't know how to digitise that)
Do you think they go for MEAT when the there are hectares of fruit juice??? ...NO SIR!
So I jumped on the net, googled HOW TO KILL WASPS and come up with a battle plan.
They build their nest underground, fly in direct line home with MY juice and feed it to all and sundry in those underground nests.
First: find nest.
Second: wait for nightfall. They all should be snugly tucked to bed.
Third: sprinkle nest entrance deliberately with killer dust.
Fourth: tuck yourself to bed.
Next morning check on them and laugh your head off watching the enemy OBLITERATED!


Pista said...

Hehe ez vicces volt :) a darazsak tényleg ekkora pusztítást végeznek a szőlőben?

bogdanovits said...

Happy Birthday Paul!!!
The Bogdanovits family

St. Imre Vineyard said...

Pista:El tudnák hordani az egész termést :-((( Még van egy hónap szüretig, addig nagyon sok kárt tudnának tenni.
I+A: Many thanks :-))

riseleycottage said...

Happy Birthday Paul (and great blog guys)! Wondering if you can send me approx 200 words to promote St. Imre Vineyard on Far South website. Perhaps an image too? cheers,
Philip c/- Riseley Cottage